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Qerubineskerubinesn*CherubimQuerubinesBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
qeysacokejsakounknown morph, preceded by le or ni (thanks, goodwishes?)Tentativedial. var.qeyso
qeysokejsodial. var. ofqeysaco
qeytakeitanfather? parent?Tentative
qikivhonor, sanctify (with mani)Probable
-qikivsfxdesiderative; complement to manidesearVcuqiI want to drinkDeseo beberArte f113Confident
qibekibe1adjfirstprimeroConfident2vbeginConfidentsp. var.qybi
qibiro anokibiro anongreat deer lineagelinaje de venado grandeEn agua dulce, y provincia de Potano a todos estos linajes es de Caciques, llaman Qibiro ano: linaje de Benado grande.In Agua Dulce and the province of Potano all these lineages are of chiefs, they call them Qibiro ano: lineage of great deer.Pareja (1612:Iii)
qibokiboadvyesterdayArte, f11Confident
qichikitʃiadjlittleConfidentdial. var.quichi
qiekien1son (of a man)hijo (de un hombre)4.1.9KinshipConfident2daughter (of a man)hija (de un hombre)4.1.9KinshipProbable3childniñoConfident
qilabokilabov1act with charity (with cume)Ano chicotama melabosale manta cume qilabono muenomano hachaquenino masino?And what is charity to the neighbor?Y que es charidad del proximo?1612 Cat 1.1Always used in combination with cume 'heart', but the two parts may be separated from each other in the syntax.Confident2show contrition (with cume)
qilikilivcombat? Probablecomp.qilicorage-co4v
qilicokilikovrageThe object is usually shown with the applicative na- (i.e. rage against')Confidentcomp. of-co4qili-co4
qipulukipuluadjbent, curved?
qisakisan1dirttierraArte, f53Confident2sandarenaArte, f53Confidentqisa ococomp.kisa okonunknown hard substanceqisaletecacomp.kisaletekangem, precious stone
qisa ocokisa okonunknown hard substanceThis is described as one of the hard things that hurt Eve's feet after her expulsion from Paradise.comp. ofqisaoco3qisa
qisaletecakisaletekangem, precious stonecomp. ofqisa
qisotikisotin1relative in compadrazgo system4.1.9KinshipConfident2third cousinprimo tercero4.1.9KinshipConfident3nephewsobrino4.1.9KinshipConfidentsp. var.qisotì
qisotìkisotìsp. var. ofqisotirelative in compadrazgo system
qitikitivget up, riselevantarseProbable
-qitikitivsfx1if (in hypoth contexts?)Nia patabotanaye ichalima taecheqiti cuyumate iyoronamate ubahabetila manda bohobicho bohonolebitila.... have you believed? It must not be believed.Having had intercourse with a woman, have you said and believed that if you enter the fish trap, no more fish or eels will enter? f126 4:1Cani abinoma niye namocosonoleqe abiqiti anoco ni homanisihaue manda bohota quosobi cho?Did you think that in tinging your hat in that intention somebody would get enamored of you (se aficionará)?gI, p. 1 1:1Confident2so that
qiti qitikiti kitiadvdiligently, swiftlyArte, f9Confident