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ihoto1ihotovperforar, cincelar, taladrarperforate, chisel, boreArte, f50Confidentijotona ihotonomanauger
ilaqeilakevhacerse de noche, tardebecome night, afternoonilaqisohaleit will be night | hasta la nocheArte, f138Confidentsp. var.ylaqiylaqi
-ileilevsfxsuffix which precedes some auxiliaries (ma, ba, ha)Confidentlale
ilifoilifovflecharshootChofama pilenoma ibine ichicosa ecatiquani ilifoqi tinibalusihabele mota mosobi cho?‎‎Did you forbid that the liver and lungs of the game should be thrown in cold water to cook them, because you could then shoot no further game?Conf, f130; gI, p. 12, Confident
ilotoilotovinjureProbablesp. var.lotocfilutuyloto
ilutuilutuvbreak, damage?Used where the Spanish has the phrase 'quebrar..ojo'Tentativecfilotoylutu
imaimavcarry away
imanogiribaimanohiribaSpelling Variant ofhimano giriba
imoimovsuck, treat by suckingymo
impireoimpireoadj*impireo*empyrean, heavenlyBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
indulgẽciaSpelling Variant ofIndulgencia*indulgence (remission of punishment)
Indulgenciaindulgencian*indulgencia*indulgence (remission of punishment)Borrowed from SpanishBorrowedsp. var.indulgẽcia
ineinen1cosathing (before an adjective)Confident2individual (with -reqe)yneìneinenafaramiticomp.inenafaramitinmisery, pittance
ine nachocorinoine natʃokorinonvirtudvirtueinenachocorino
ine teraine teranaccion buenagood deedTentative
inecaluainekaluanpecado de la tumbagrave sinProbableynecaluainecaluboinecalubuoinecalueaine calubuo
inecoinekovtake effectIn combination with nahi 'exist', this translates as something like 'works/is effective', in relation to prayers and spells.cfnahineco
inefainefaSpelling Variant ofinifihusband wife
inela1inelavfall into (sin)Probableinele
inemiinemiquanttodoallMine achibueno tera inemi naya iynomate, graciamate nacumotaqe iyenotima; nocomi Dios-isomima nantela.Some great queen, full of all virtues and graces; the true mother of God she is called.1612 Cat 1.1Mine manintaqe numama, Ysota muenimaqui caqua, vtimate, naquimo haue, equelareqe Hono henonica, equelete, nohobonihaue, iniheti ynino ninaeheuotema, Nate queniqe, nimanisibonihaue, hecate naquimosima, ninca ehesibotema nate queniqe manistanicala Cume hionino mate, niniuo hanianta nihanihatiqua ninihaue acunate ysticolete inemiqua nibalubonihaue. Whatever the Lord wants in heaven, they do, and may it be the same on earth; our food for each day, may it be given to us today, and may the sins that we owe be pardoned for us and in the same way, may we pardon that which (others) owe to us, and the temptations that we (met?) earlier, may we abstain from and may we be helped with all evil.1612 Cat 1.2Diosima hono heno ynemimano nooboniqe hachibueno ynihabue tera ynemima atichicolo ynihabuemate comulgaleno Sacramento muenoma atichicolo hono henomima nantaqe nohobuota graciamitonomate hachibueno yne teramate quenequa nohobuonyhabue mota lapusinola?All that which is sustenance necessary to the body, and the spiritual bread, which is the most holy sacrament of the communion, and his/your grace and other gifts are what we request.1612 Cat 2.1Ia, ano hapula, hapula hacu ecasiniqe ynemicole motela.No Padre, sino tres y todo ygual.1612 Cat 2.1Confidentsp. var.inèmiìnemìcf-nimiynemiineniinemainemeYnemiinemìynemy
inèmiSpelling Variant ofinemiall