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ichiraqeitʃirakennorthwest windviento noroeste1.1.3.1Windcomp. ofichirawinteraqeairichira
ichitoitʃitovbeginsp. var.ychitobegin
icho1itʃongusanowormOnaqueniqe, caqi hachipile yucha iquenta eatamoqe fichilimima meleninoleqe abinoleqe, cuiumate, achico quenequa inemima nihitanimano, ano hebuachumota honihete baluta nialifobilahacu, hote taninihiqe nihetanayelaqua, hochiete, chinihiqe ychoma heta chinabaraso mohabela, ano moteleto. 1627 Cat 1.16Yerebanalico, yerebanayoco hachipacha eyocoquene nagita tanahomancono ycho l qisa nihonomilehabele; quenele hachipacha inemi mano hachaqueniheleqete.Gold and silver and other possessions that we have [exist] will end and worms and dirt will be our food; so what good are all our possessions?Si finalmente al cabo ó a la postre nos emos de morir y ser manjar de gusanos l. si nos an de comer gusanos ó la tierra, que nos aprobecha ó aprobechará el oro y la plata y las demas cosas?Arte f12 1.1Used alone, but also in the compound icho orobeConfidentcfichoboychoycho orobecomp.itʃo orobenworm?
icho2itʃovdestripargut, disembowelcuiu ychonotileqe inelaBecause the fish was not gutted, it has rotted.Arte f123
ichoboitʃobovcincelar, perforar,taladrarperforate, chisel, boreArte, f50Confidentcficho1ychobo
ichocoSpelling Variant ofichicobite, strike
ichuitʃuvechar en el sueloput on the groundArte f132vConfidentsp. var.ychucfichuqini
ichumoitʃumovbe friend/companion of?Probablesp. var.ychumobe friend/companion of?unspec. var.ychumobe friend/companion of?
ichuqiniitʃukiniitʃukʷiniv1derramar, verterspill, pourArte f132 ychunu 'echar en el suelo'. It is odd that the Arte gives ichu/ychu, but nearly all the textual examples are ichuq(u)ini; Granberry ichu ' carry away; throw away; drive away; discharge' Confident2arrojar, lanzar, derribarthrow to the groundConfident3descartar, desechardiscard?Probablecfichuichuquineichuqiniychuichuquini
ichusiitʃusivexact tribute/demandichusuychusi
icoriikorivunknown verb (serve?)ycori
icuitimosoSpelling Variant ofiquitimoinsult be confusedcomp. of-timo
IerusalemierusalemnJerusalem*JerusalemBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedsp. var.herusalemHerusalemHierusalem
IesviesuSpelling Variant ofJesu*Jesus
IESViesuSpelling Variant ofJesu*Jesus
ifaleifalentiaauntChristiano chaquenco, isomico hibasoheti, isayachemico hibasoheti, qiemico hibasoheti, qiemima, qiemicote, yachimicote, conimicote, ifalemicote, amamite.No Christian can marry his mother, grandmother, daugher, granddaughter, sister, niece, aunt, or cousin. MovCat f 3.1This word appears only once, in a list of relatives whom one may not marry.4.1.9KinshipConfident Hapax Leg.
ihiriba1ihiribaadjlong, tallArte f13Confidentyhiriba
ihiriba2ihiribaadvaunquealthoughHimanoihiriba chinareconincote hachaqueniheleqeteAunque muchas veces lo pienses o haces, no lo as de saber or acertar a hacer, etcArte f121vConfidentigiriba
ihiribanoihiribanonname of a Timucua lineage
ihiriboihiribosp. var.ygiriboyhiribuoDialectal Variant ofiribostand remain acting as?stand stand next to?
ihiribosoihiribosovbe equal to?hochiequa, nayhiribososiro, chi maniheleqete, quentetiacu, mandaqere. Surely you do not at all want to be equal to him?1627 Cat 1.4Etymologically, this seems to be 'cause to stand', but in context, it seems to mean 'be equal to'. Consider the examples which talk about Satan's desire to be God's equal.sp. var.yhiribosoygiriboso
iholoiholovdesarraigar, transplantaruproot, transplantArte, f11 yholoConfident
ihoto2ihotovunknown verb (come out?)Tentativesp. var.yhoto