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ibiriibirivmenstruateIbirita cuyumate honoso henomate quene inti uquabi cho?Did you [not-AB] eat any fish or deer-meat during the catamenia?gI, p. 1 1:1Probablecficamaibire
ibisoibisovungirannointConfidentsp. var.ybisoyuiso
ibisonoibisonosp. var.ybisoybisono
ibitaibitanrioriverMocama ibinemimaque tocotema ibitaco camaco, aqùeco nubalaco, camaseco puypuyco, tilonoco quentecotacu mocamano canatorale, maninoletilenimaqui, mosima mine Diosi graciamima, anoreqema, nabarasotecote, mine tera nebeleca, toomalenechule. Coming from the waters of the sea are the rivers and water, and aque and lakes and springs and wells; but the sea is not lacking [water]. [In the same way] God's grace covers each person.From the sea flow all the rivers and springs, and it is not diminished by this, nor does the water from the sea run out. Hymnus Divi Ambrosii, Magnae Deus pontentia &c Thus like this with all benefitting from the water of grace of this infinite sea of goodness and smoothness of God does not diminish.Pareja 1627b:f024r 1.1Confidentsp. var.ybitaIvitachucocomp.npropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a placeIvitanayocomp.ncomponent of a mission name9.7.2Name of a place
ibitoboibitoboncorazónheart?Used in only one passage to translate the Spanish lagrimas del corazon 'tears of the heart'. But the normal word for 'heart' as emotional center is atichicoloTentativecfatichicolocomp. of*atichicolo
iboloteibolotevhappen, occur?Tentativeipolote
iboraiboranunknown noun (meteorological phenomenon)
iboroiborovunknown verbyboro
ibuaibʷanrocíodewsp. var.ybacficama
icaikaDialectal Variant ofeca1 1teachfight quarrelcomp.icatodisobeydisobey
icacheikatʃevstop, ceasesp. var.ycachestop, ceaseunspec. var.ycachestop, cease
icamaikamanwater, lake?Probablecfibi1ibiriibuacama
icatoikatosp. var.icatuvdisobeydesobedecerDiosimano Adam, Cume yquosota lèqe cume bacasotalèqe quene, ofuenoma masinimano Adam hachaquaniqe honihebuanona ycatubicho? After having consoled Adam, he asked him "Why did you disobey my word?" comp. oficafight quarreldial. var. ofeca1 1*toverb componentica
icatuikatuSpelling Variant oficatodisobeycomp. ofica*to
ichaliitʃalintrampa para peces, presafishtrap, weircuiuma hochie ychaliyente? Is this fish from your weir?Arte f21 6.1Ichali ele iribosobinaco, cuyuma ubuata qibenco melasonolehabetile cuyuma naqua ubuahauetile naquosatiqua nimaca mobi cho?When the water is flooding the new fish-pond and the first fish is caught, did you order not to throw it into hot water, lest no others would be caught?Conf, f1 1.1Confidentychali
ichiitʃi1adjfriocoldGr. ichicosa 'cool, refrigerate; cold', Arte f33 ichira 'winter'Confident2ninviernowinterGr. ichicosa 'cool, refrigerate; cold', Arte f33 ichira 'winter'Confident3nNorth?cfichiraichiraychira
ichicoitʃikovtbite, strikeConfidentsp. var.ichocoychicoychocochico
ichicosaitʃikosavbe cool?sp. var.ychicosa
ichicotaitʃikotavser maltratado?be mistreated?Tentative
ichiqitʃikiitʃikiv1regida porspeak on behalf of, be the representative of; become, assume officeNanacu Christiano ynemi nachicalisinequa naocotaqua na bohacocolente mine Iesu Christomaqua anepatimosotaqe Pontifice muenoma mine Iesu Christo na chiqimita hibuatema naquene sancta heca ysomile Iglesiama monoma nantela.Es la Congregaction de todos los fieles Christianos, regida y governada por Christo nuestro Señor, y el Papa su Vicario.1612 Cat 2.1Naqui monihauemano iniheti ininomile atichicolo orobotemaqua orobinta naahosta mosonihauele caqi ano orobotemano Iesu Christoma, na ichiqitechule.We likewise must manifest our shortcomings only to the confessing priest, as to a vicarious person for Jesus Christ, and to none else.1612 Cat 1.1Holata ichiqi habeleta taca chaleca alata itorita ela mareca hutanolehaue, acu tolalehecote hachibuenolehecote, viro pahama naquiluta mosonolehaue mobi cho?Just before becoming chief did you order a new fire to be made for six days in the cottage, and to have it closed up by laurels or other things?Conf, f1 1.1Daqi articulomano, Dios ipaenacare Iglesia ma enoleuima nana hebatetila, Iglesia nocomiletema, Christiano care nantechule, Dios bohono acofemonoma bohotemate, Acu papa ite Sancto Christo anocomile, anona chiqitema, ano patafilestema nana hebatela.Because the 'followers' who form the true church, get together at those buildings to excirse as Christians, and this is why we also call those buldings churches, especially when they are dedicated and consecrated to God, but we, in this article of the creed, don't talk about the churches made of stone and wood, but about the church that is alive, meaning the followers that have been baptized and are obidient to the vicar of God, as we have saidMovilla 1635a:f028-028v 2.2Probable2substitute for?Tentative3take over goods/responsibility ofNihitaruqe honihe, ichiqita natimolesiro manibicho?Have you wished that someone die soon, so that you can inherit?f184 1.1Probabledial. var.chìqe2pair, both omit (telling a sin, secret) all togetherchìqe1pair, both omit (telling a sin, secret) all togethersp. var.chiqueraftcfichiqimicomp. ofichiqi-mi4ichiqisochigechiquichiqiichiquiychyqiychiqiichiqimicomp.itʃikimicfichiqiichiqisovimitate?
ichiqimiitʃikimivimitate?comp. ofichiqirepresent substitute for? take over goods/responsibility of-mi4dat.derichiqi
ichiqisoitʃikisov1trocar(se), cambiarexchangeArte, f6Confident2vengarsetake revengeArte, f6Confident3trocar alguna cosa, trocarse en el trabajocfichiqiichiqimicomp. ofichiqi-mi4chiqisoychiqisochiqi
ichiraitʃiraninviernowinter8.4.1.5SeasonConfidentsp. var.hichiracfichiichiraqecomp.itʃirakennorthwest wind1.1.3.1Wind