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Ivitachuconpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a placecomp. ofibitariverchucu1squashibita
Ivitanayoncomponent of a mission name9.7.2Name of a placecomp. ofibitarivernayo 1whiteibita
Ibiniutinpropname of a Timucua province9.7.2Name of a placeunspec. comp. form ofibinewaterutiearth country placeibine
Ibihicanpropname of a Timucua town and province9.7.2Name of a placecomp. ofibi1riverhicavillageibi1
iabisaiabisaSpelling Variant ofyabisasign and prognostication (with cata) curse
iacheiatʃeSpelling Variant ofyacheold woman respected woman?
Iacobiakobnprop*JacobBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
ianquaiankʷaSpelling Variant ofyanquaunity (as an attribute of God) all by himself? only one each?
iãquaiãkʷaSpelling Variant ofyanquaunity (as an attribute of God) all by himself? only one each?
iarabaSpelling Variant ofyarabalion, panther cat
ibalu1ibaluv1call?Tentative2helpConfident3cureConfidentsp. var.iualuybualuibualuivalu
ibalu2ibaluv1resuscitate2wake3do penitence?ybalu
ibi1ibin1rioriverTico ibima, tota utiqua himetanicala. The canoe [having been] left in the stream, we came by landArte, f34Confident2marseacficamaybiYbichuanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a placeIbihicacomp.npropname of a Timucua town and province9.7.2Name of a place
ibi2ibivapply (oil) for the last rites?Tentativeybi
ibinaqeibinakenwave, mist?, fog?, storm?comp. ofibinewateraqeairibine
ibineibinenaguawaterChofama pilenoma ibine ichicosa ecatiquani ilifoqi tinibalusihabele mota mosobi cho?(Lit.) ‎‎Did you say "The liver and lungs must not be thrown in cold water, [because] if I shoot, [the game] will be delivered from me."Conf, f130; gI, p. 12, Confidentsp. var.iuineibiybineibinaibavbineibineteraibineteranholy wateribinaqecomp.ibinakenwave, mist?, fog?, storm?ibine tocosonocomp.ibine tokosonosp. var.ybine tocosononwater wheelibinemolacomp.ibinemolasp. var.ibine molaybine molaybine molanwineibinepilunucomp.ibinepilununthirstmucubinecomp.mukubinesp. var.macubinentearMucubinemano Diosima namisino eyema nantela. The tears are the the road to God.Ibiniutiunspec. comp. formnpropname of a Timucua province9.7.2Name of a place
ibine amaibine aman1lakelago2spring, source
ibine molaibine molaSpelling Variant ofibinemolawinecomp. ofibinemola
ibine na Christiano lenoibine na tʃristiano lenonbautizobaptismsp. var.Christiatiano1ibinema na Christianolenoybine nachristianoleno
ibine tocosonoibine tokosonosp. var.ybine tocosononwater wheelnoriacomp. ofibinewatertoco1 2come:out-so 1caus-no1 1nmlzibine
ibinepilunuibinepilununthirstsedcomp. ofibinewaterpilu 3be:thirsty-no1 1nmlzibine
ibineteraibineteranholy wateragua benditaibinewaterteragoodibine