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ánoánoSpelling Variant ofano2be a particular kind of person? be obliged?
ano halifaano halifaSpelling Variant ofanohalifamessenger
ano qiemaano kiemanpadrefatherConfidentsp. var.anoqiemaanoquiema
ano ulemaano ulemanmadremotherConfidentsp. var.ano vlemaanulemaanovlema
ano vlemaano ulemaSpelling Variant ofano ulemamother
anochicotaanotʃikotanfriendamigoChi nahiabotahauele yniheti, ininococomaqua hitima, atelestanacutunulesta, quosonolaha, caqi iuine ecanta nachristianolenomabeta Diosima ytimitota anochicotalesinola.You must know by sinning, one is the demon’s slave and servant, but this Baptism makes one a Christian and God is an adopted father and friend.Then, you must know that through sin, man becomes the slave and servant of the Demon, and, through this Baptism, man becomes the friend and child of God.Ano chicotama melabosale manta cume qilabono muenomano hachaquenino masino?And what is charity to the neighbor?And what is called acting with charity and having mercy to friends?comp. ofano1 1person
anochucuanotʃukunNegronegroCumepalino lehabemano, caqi inihimale, qibema, Adam, Eua quenema coesa ano siqita, ano nihita, puqua pucamota ano naioco, Francesico, Inglesico, Turcoco, Moroco anopiraco, anochucuco, eyomate quenequa, ano pochata siqita, caqua abosinta, numa aboma, nacumoso habema, Diosima areconiqe intela. So one must know that we all descend from this first couple -- Spaniards, French, English, Moors, Indians, and blacks, and all kinds of people and good Christians will go to heaven, and the bad will go to Hell, to suffer forever.comp. ofano1 1personchu1coal black
anocoanokonSeñor, maestromaster; lordAcu caqi Diosi anocomilena intanimano, yahalahacu, anohaputa nimate motemano Dios Itimi, Dios Qiemi, Dios Espiritu sancto, quene anohapula hacu, mine Diosi nocomi, yanaquenela manda bohotecho.Also this God, Our Lord, is all in one although there are three people called God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, they are three people but our true Lord God is very much one; do you believe this?Do you also believe that this one, Our Lord God, is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and that although they are three different people, there is only one true God? Do you believe it so?1612 Bap 12.1Naquenema, Dios hebuanomaqua nocomieocole bohota mine Diosimaqua ynosinolehabele: naquenema anocomi iucha ynosinoma aneconolehela. ..truly believing in God's word, and working for the Lord God, and it should be impossible to work for two masters1612 Bap 6.1Confident
anoetaanoetaSpelling Variant ofanetanephew (dead)
anohalifaanohalifanmesanjeromessengerConfidentsp. var.ano halifa
anohiocoanohiokovhail!Confidentano yoco
anohoanohovforgive, absolveProbable
anoleanolev1behave (in a certain way); be (a certain way)Confident2act badly/mischevouslyProbable3acting as, coming from?Tentative4inhabit?anola
anomaleanomalenrelativeparientecomp. ofano1 1person-malereciprocal kinship affixano1comp.atichicolo anomalegodparentgodparent
anomanianomanivbe obliged? be unwilling?Probable
anomatinoanomatinoadjvil, infamevile, infamous
anopiraanopiranIndianindioAnopira comeleta niamate nata hibuasi mota viroma nacunata hibuasomata mosobi cho?‎ ‎‎Have you arranged that someone be married according to the Indian way without giving notice to the parish priest?comp. ofano1person relative respect marker chick?pira1redano1
anoqiemaanokiemaSpelling Variant ofano qiemafather
anoquayaqeanokʷajakenAnoquayaqe (name of an Apalachee god)Confident
Anoquelaanokʷelan1linajelineageAnoquela niyahobale. We are from one lineage or cast or generation1612 Bap 5.16Confident2vasalloservant, vasselNanemi Anoquelamitonoma ni eiabobila hacaheqeno cumenatimococo Anoquelamitonoma ni eiabotela quenique Anohebasisiro nimanibotaqe §We have always lived as your servants, but now we very full-heartedly are your servants and we want to talk to you. We have always been servants of Your Majesty but now with even more reason and full-heartedly, we are and so we wish to speak.Timucua 1.1Confident3descendant?Probable4soldadosoldierProbableanoquelaanoquole
anorimatianorimatiadj1miserable, despicableArte, f35Confident2sexually provocative, dirtyArte, f35Confidentonorimati
anorimatitibaanorimatitibaRedup Adjvery miserable?anorimati 1miserable